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I am Nora Pettik, a Bristol based homeopath 
with four children, all born at home.
I learnt this technique as a mum when my first baby was three weeks old. I wish I started doing it right after his birth. It reminds babies of their life inside the womb. My son loved both the speedy part and the calm movements too. He loved our joyful experiments in water. 
As an experienced mother I can give advice about natural parenting such as breastfeeding 
or baby wearing techniques. 


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Siblings in a birthpool with their newborn sister
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About Me

I graduated at The Centre of Homeopathic Education and I am registered at the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. I also studied ear acupuncture at Yuan Clinic in London.

My fourth baby  in our birthpool on the second day of her life

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